The Fantasy World we live in.

I’m pretty sure most people have fantasies. At least I hope so because without them we would be doomed to a sightless and directionless world. I believe it is our fantasies that drive imagination and creativity. We imagine what could be first before working on a way to achieve it.

The problem with fantasy is it becomes an escape for those of us who’s minds are troubled, damaged and confused. This is everyone’s problem, yes in both ways. The worst of this is from people of economic authority who image what is only possible for themselves to sustain and everyone of that level in wealth. They must continually pull that wealth from more and more sources to ensure that achieved fantasy is sustainable. Because without that resource of wealth that fantasy is an unrealistic, narcissistic damaging act with no regards to the community in which is uses to sustain itself.

Intelligence means you become aware of your surroundings and then learn why and how to change it. A healthy mind will see the whys and ways to direct even limited resources to fulling their healthy fantasy. And yes unless you achieve your goal it is a fantasy no matter how mundane.

The only way one can ensure a high level of wealth is to make sure the source of that wealth remains stable.

The source of wealth isn’t in material good. It’s in labor. Without labor there are no materials to take from the earth, processing the raw goods and turn those into products. All done by labor and labor is always the costliest part of production. Not a new thought mind you. These ideas are well known.

So how do you remove wealth from labor? We already know. By raising the costs of your basic needs. Basic needs like rent, mortgages, water, food, healthcare, education and transportation. You might notice that healthcare and education are the highest costs. Can you figure out why? Now imagine a whole community with free access to those resources and healing their minds and bodies and that community opening their eyes? That’s my fantasy.

Jade Blackthorne