A friend in deed.

I thought I was liked. A least that’s what most of my friend said. Now I’m full of dread. I would often ask of them to help, by reading an article I’d wrote. Or listen to a song and give it a wink if they would. The likes where on the post but only one visit on the counter and that was me. I wondered if the counter didn’t count previous visits an only those ones that where new. But that idea didn’t work because that page was new that day. A day or two later maybe one more visit or more. Then I thought maybe, just maybe it was me.

What did they see? A mental, a pervert or creep? A moron, idiot or Neanderthal freak? I asked myself, will they ever see me? I’m creative and compelling and I’m safe here at home. I’m a hard worker a thinker and care deeply for you all. If you ever could see me behind all those walls.

If you could you would defiantly agree. To help everyone is to accept them and care by doing a deed. To just say, “I care” and quantify it as an actually act of caring won’t get you far. We call those people wall sitters. That watch the protesters go by agreeing with every eye. But go home when there’s getting yourself on the line.

Remember a friend in need is a friend in deed.