The dark and light of it.

There are here, fearsome men
Driven and bent to destroy us all
For they are not angels deployed by God
And they bring fear to oust our loving care

Darkness hides the path we have found
Chaos reigns and pain abounds
Sweet smell of hate deludes and compels
Many are trapped forever in this spell

I close my eyes and follow faith
Not men nor thought or page
Soft delicate fingers pull at me
To distract my soul and lose my path

I close my eyes breathing deep and long
A longs ways to go though I shall not fall
from that darken path that I am on
I obscure myself from those who do me harm

Silence needs to be broken
The voices heard And evil deeds undone
Then we start exploring
All the wonderful things deep inside, each of us

To bloom and see, to be truly be free
To be all of me whole and well
To find the heaven locked inside
To escape this living hell

I speak and I am not heard
Unspoken I am not seen
Invisible searching for my dream
Lost in a void no one hears me scream.

The journey has begun the to escape the darkness
I see the light as I climb, a journey for hero’s denied
A quest to be the absolute me and not that label as I’m seen
Only then my light will shine. Only then my light will shine.