I haven’t written in a while.

Not like anyone is missing my writing as I only see 4 visits to my site in a month. Which is to say I’m not really promoting it or really caring if I get visitors.

I personally don’t think what I write is all that profound or new or even a new way to say something. So why worry about it?

It’s not like I’ve never tried to get people to connect and help find readers who might like what I write. Most if not all except maybe two people will ignore anything I put up on Facebook and if I send them a link they will boldly lie to my face when the visit counter hasn’t registered a single visitor, return or original. WordPress is good at keeping track.

My take on it is they think I’m mentally ill. Don’t humor or even listen to the mentally ill you might catch it. But what if they are wrong and by ignoring the problem…. well you know what happens with that… or do you?

I have stories to tell. Experiences that are real and profound even if my words aren’t.

Jade Blackthorne


2 thoughts on “I haven’t written in a while.

  1. n8chz

    I read this blog. I read every post. I hope you will continue, because I want to see blogging continue to be a thing (since $ocial media is such crap) and I often need a break from the pollyanna pablum that is most content to which I’m exposed. I subscribe to the RSS feed. I’m not sure whether feed requests show up in your stats.


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