Today in a few hours I’m getting an Orchiectomy. That is where they remove My testicles. It’s a simple procedure but there’s always a risk. I could die. It’s not likely and probably very remote chance but a chance of it nevertheless. If that happens I want my son to have all my things what little there is of them.

So why go through it? Because I’m a woman and testicles tend to make testosterone and my mind doesn’t do well with that hormone. I believe it even causes me mood problems to the point it looks like bipolar. The medication needed to remove testosterone is called Spiroxlactose and it has its own negative effects on my body and mind including possible kidney failure and extreme mood changes. I could wait and continue with spiro and hope for the best until I get a Vaginoplasty but that could take years and I don’t want to risk it. I also have cysts on my testicles that cause pain and there’s a risk of cancer if I ignore them so all in all it’s probably best I get this done. Let’s hope I do well with the surgery.