Who Speaks for us?

Who speaks for the homeless, the addict the poorest and the mentally ill? Who here knows what we face daily from an increasingly hostile and demeaning population? Certainly not those who have acceptance, love and resources to a better life. Those who can’t or won’t see and understand will never accept us as part of their family. We are only be seen as a burden, a blight and a mob that needs to be cleaned out, imprisoned and controlled. We are required to fit into your narrow view of society and behavior that promotes your lifestyle and nothing else. Our needs and wants ignored as nothing more than the needs and views of a sick, disturbed population. We are only accepted if we give up our own values, ourselves and our dreams and only then when we are no longer who we are then we are accepted. We know the pain of rejection and in our pain and even our fears of this rejection are seen as being a sick mind set. Our intelligence used against us because how could we be anything more than how we are seen? Our gifts and creativity ignored because it doesn’t serve the marketable values of the narrow social view of profitability. We watch as those narrow views of acceptable behavior become more and more narrow and those at the end of this spectrum crumble off into oblivion. The Elderly, the cripples and disabled and even the students who’s families cannot support them fall into the crevices. Is it no wonder when facing world that cannot accept us because we don’t have the means to fin in we need to dull the pain. When we strive to better ourselves we are then judged by our place in this world we have no say on that we turn to some way to feel good. Why would we care and do our best when that labor has no value to you. No you’ll never see it because you’ve been told and educated that we are not to be trusted and even feared. Why is it inconceivable that we feel the same way towards your social view? That we can never trust because we are told in the open we are human garbage and a waste. No one speaks for us because they dare not see us. For that would prove their vales as the truly broken ones.