Us vs Us

We are all guilty of xenophobic behavior. Including me but I know and I think most people know this intuitively. How have we become so xenophobic? I think it’s programmed into our beliefs through a barrage of media and social media. That is mostly from entertainment and our interactions with all our internet communities. How many videos, movies and series do we watch that constantly depict an us vs them scenario? We often see the supposed bad guys or groups as different, uncouth and disheveled who want to take away our safety and security. We learn from these ideas and keep what we learn and apply those ideas to our everyday life. When it rains not all the rain gets on you but you still get wet. This is the same when viewing media except we don’t go out and act out every scenario however we do apply this learning in small ways just as the rain effects us in a small way. The homeless become zombies and the immigrants become the cartels. The Muslim families become the terrorist cells and so on. Our weapon of defense are our words and our attitudes. We can change the world. We can make a difference but first we need to change ourselves and we do that by healing ourselves and our minds. we can be critical of what we view and even how we think.