So many ways.

Language of course is only one way we communicate. There’s also body language and facial cues. So imagine what it’s like for transgender people using those physical and facial cues that align to their gender and how others might see it and the confusing and unexpected responses to these cues. Why are transgender people special? Because many of us had to relearn gender based cues and behaviors that didn’t feel natural just to survive. I’m a woman but I also speak male. I still don’t get some masculine values like boxing and other things associated to why would you risk injury for that? I’m not a hunter. I prefer to gather the ingredients to create with. I could never fight but I learned to fake being a bad ass. Actually I faked being a bad ass so well many trans people I know didn’t think I was authentic. Others however knew better. There are so many ways we speak to each other. The best one I found is honesty.


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